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Product overview

Tape switches and safety pads are very useful in all kinds of situations around the world, and our products are used in the same way. The difference here is that with our product, any area, no matter if it is a complex, curved surface, can become a switch, and it contains sponge to make it a contact-type safety device. Furthermore, it doesn’t detect a load placed on a limited area, it can detect a load of 0.5kgf or more evenly across a whole surface.
This means the areas you thought could never be made into a switch now can be.

Our products are currently used in many medical devices and meet the rigorous standards set by major medical device manufacturers in Japan. Each product is made to order and up to now we have delivered more than 100 shapes.

For details, please watch the movie about our products below, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (you can find a list of FAQs on our website).