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ビュレット Q1: Is it really possible to make any shape into a switch?
A: In some cases it may not be possible for spherical or conical areas, or areas including angles of less than 10cm or with an intricate wave shape. Please contact us for further details.
ビュレット Q2: What kind of load can be detected?
A: With standard specifications, 0.5 – 2.0 kgf, but configuration for loads above 2.0kgf is possible.
ビュレット Q3: Are there any areas that do not detect loads?
A: Areas within 10mm of an edge and an area with a diameter 30mm from a connection do not detect loads. Other than these, all areas over a surface can detect loads from 0.5kgf.
ビュレット Q4: Can you change the color of the surface?
A: Yes. If you can provide us with a sample color, we can adjust the color to match your requirements (with no initial cost).
ビュレット Q5: What does it means that a base is required to make a switch?
A: Haltec’s products are manufactured according to a “base” for the desired shape (the shape of the area in which you wish to use the product is the base shape). We recommend that you use a ferric or stainless steel base (1 – 2mm thick) for flat panel shapes, and an FRP base (2mm thick) for 3D shapes (please note there is an initial cost if the base is FRP).
ビュレット Q6: Is it possible to order a system that detects contact and also halts machine operation?
A: Haltec can only provide products to detect contact, so all other systems are the responsibility of the customer.
ビュレット Q7: What kind of sales record does your product have?
AWith regards to manufacturers of large medical devices in Japan, our products are used in any locations where contact can be expected; on the gantries of CT scanners, the pedestal of CT PET scanners, and the entire FPD section of x-ray machines as well as supports, beneath the bench that a patient lies on, and any other area where a contact could occur.
ビュレット Q8: It looks like your product is only applicable in the field of medical devices, but does it have any other uses?
A: Of course, it can be used in other fields as well. However, as each individual product is made by hand there is a limit to the number that can be produced. Please also be aware that it cannot be used outdoors.
ビュレット Q9: Does it conform to international standards such as RoHS and REACH?
A: Yes, our product is fully compliant with all standards.
ビュレット Q10: Can you make the sponge thicker?
A: Sponge with a thickness of 5mm is used in standard specifications, but this can be made thicker. However, thicker sponge means that in some cases wrinkles may in the surface as the material ages so this is not recommended for areas where aesthetic value is a consideration. This problem can be avoided if a special skin is created, although this incurs an initial cost.
ビュレット Q11: Is it possible to specify which type of wiring is to be used and the length?
A: We use UL1007 AWG24 and AWG 22 as a standard for wiring. If you have any requests regarding wiring, we will see if it is possible to obtain it so please contact us. You are free to specify the length of the wiring.
ビュレット Q12: How can I make an inquiry?
A: Currently, Haltec only has engineers in Japan and as such we normally only accept inquiries by e-mail. But depending on the circumstances we may be able to visit your office from Japan.
ビュレット Q13: How should I go about making a purchase?
A: The options are as follows.
(1) If you have offices in Japan, please contact Haltec through those offices to arrange a meeting regarding the method of purchase.
(2) If you have a Japanese business partner, please consult your partner regarding purchase, and please feel free to pass on our details. Another option is to give us contact details and a representative name for your partner, and we shall arrange a meeting regarding the method of purchase.
(3) If neither of the above is applicable, please consult us regarding another method of purchase.
ビュレット Q14: We want to perform a trial run, so how long does it take for delivery?
A: Normally, it takes about 1 to 1.5 months after the meeting (including logistics), but if mold costs or other costs are incurred then please consider that it will take around 2.5 months.
ビュレット Q15: What about the lifespan and guarantee?
A: The product has a lifespan of approximately 100,000 open/close actions, but this differs depending on the usage environment and specifications. With regards to the guarantee, if a fault occurs within 12 months that is the responsibility of Haltec, we shall dispatch a replacement free of charge.
ビュレット Q16: If we use Haltec’s product and a fault occurs, can you pay damages?
A: The product is to be used as a safety device, and unfortunately Haltec cannot provide compensation under any circumstances.